iPhone 12 Review:

Design, Display, Camera, Battry life, Price

Apple has launched the new iPhone series, iPhone 12. This smartphone series comes with a new design, a better camera, and 5G support. The 5G feature has been the highlight of the iPhone launching event. Tim Cook describing it as “the beginning of a new era for iPhone” during the launch event. One thing was new about the launching event, it’s for the first time that the company is offering four different versions of the iphone12 series. It was never the case in the history of the iPhone.

This time iPhone 12 has four versions namely (with their starting price):

  1. iPhone 12mini (Price 69,900 rupees)
  2. iPhone 12(Price 79,900 rupees)
  3. iPhone 12 Pro(Price 1,19,900 rupees)
  4. iPhone 12 Pro Max(1,29,900 rupees).

All the iPhones in this series come with 2227 mAh to 3687 mAh battery capacity. Apple may not have a big number in terms of battery power but it always works well. The same is the case with the all-new iPhone 12 series. Battery performance is decent. iPhone 12 mini is for a person low budget wants to enjoy the deal of the latest iPhone 12. iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a much more defined camera quality and high performance.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro however are mostly similar to each other. Both of them come with flat edges that are thicker than the iPhone 11 series. On the contrary, it gives the phone an elegant and attractive look. It makes the phone easy in handling with a slightly unorthodox appearance. The screen size of the iPhone 12(5.78inches×2.82inches×0.29inches) is similar to that of the iPhone 11(5.94inches×2.98inches×0.33inches). But iPhone 12 is lighter than iPhone 11 with big a margin.

  • iPhone 11- 194gm
  • iPhone 12-.164gm

still, the Google Pixel series and Samsung smartphone are weighing much less in comparison to iPhones.

  • Samsung Galaxy S 20-163gm
  • Google Pixel 5-151gm.

To the surprise can your iPhone 12 series also lead to a fingerprint sensor. I don’t know what’s the response is going to be among the buyers for this step. But one thing is for sure that fingerprint sensor is one of the key features. So it can make a difference in a major way. Only time will tell whether it’s going to be positive or negative. All the other smartphone manufacturing giants provide fingerprint sensor either on the screen or on the side of the phone. Whether it’s one plus, Samsung, or Google pixel.

If you prefer a stainless steel band and matte textured back, you should go for iPhone 12 Pro. You got less budget, go for iPhone 12 mini. If you want to show the public with your premium phone, go for iPhone 12or iphone12 Pro Max. Either way, you are getting a premium smartphone worthy of its status.

This is a new generation phone for a new generation society where everything online, especially in this social distancing era. iPhone 12 series has everything the new world asks for.

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