Top 5 Internet Service Providers in Nepal

Top 5 Internet Service Providers in Nepal

With the digitalization of everything and advancement, the internet has become an indispensable and integral part of our everyday life. It has become so crucial that the UN says that internet access is a human right. From entertainment to socialization to business, we have become entirely dependent on the web. In Nepal, where the GDP per capita is just a little over a thousand USD, the government decided to levy an additional 13% Telecommunications Service charges, 13% VAT, and 4% royalty fees. Even when internet uses in Nepal has increased, the cost remains a big issue.

  1. Worldlink
  2. In Nepal, Worldlink is the largest internet service, provider. It holds approximately 57% of the Nepalese fiber internet arena. And therefore, it has a large number of corporate customers and individuals. Worldlink was founded in 1995, and because of being in this field for such an extended period, they have expanded their area of service to 63 districts. Worldlink also provides IPTV services besides the internet. Based on speed, currently, Worldlink has three types of plans, 25 Mbps, 40 Mbps, 60 Mbps. It provides free NETTV subscriptions in these packages.
  • Vianet
  • With approximately 14% market share, the net is the second largest internet service provider in Nepal. Vianet has the best services in Kathmandu valley. Vianet also provides VOD and IPTV. At present, the company is providing services in approximately ten districts.
  • Classic tech
  • In the internet service providers list, classic tech is another big name. It has an 8% market share. It is famous for its schemes and offers. Classic Tech also has a monthly-based FUP system in its Home Plan. It doesn’t have eye-catching speed boosts and outlet discount features.
  • Subisu
  • It has a share of 7% in the Nepal ISP market. It is the only internet service provider which is ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certified. Subisu provides all three, cable, fiber, and wireless internet services. The company offers the facility of Wireless internet outside of Kathmandu valley.
  • Nepal Telecom FFTH
  • Nepal Telecom FFTH provides its services in 25 districts. Its speed ranges from 8 Mbps to 55 Mbps. Nepal Telecom’s FTTH is perfect for only those who use the internet on a need-to basis, someone who doesn’t require excessive bandwidth.

No internet service provider can provide an excellent service in Nepal, but there are internet service providers that offer excellent service in particular areas. There different best internet service providers for other places. So, the best option is to consult your neighbors once.

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