Why MBA for IT Graduates in Nepal

Importance of MBA for IT Graduates in Nepal

MBA, i.e. Masters in Business Administration, is a much-coveted degree for graduates. This course of MBA is a comprehensive course offering practical and theoretical knowledge of business, investment and management too. Students of almost every genres all around the world find an MBA an excellent and valuable degree and course. This course of MBA is designed in such a way that it strengthens the actual-time business abilities of the students. Corporate strategy, financial markets, management and accounting and there are many other fields of specialization, from these students are allowed to select one or two for their primary or specialization subject. The period of this course varies from country to country. In Nepal, it takes two years to complete an MBA course.

Of course, it gives its students a versatility of knowledge and skill. But it has become an essential criterion for many high ranking jobs in companies. Slowly, MBA managers are dominating the top positions of corporate hierarchies like the CEO and CFO. Wherever you are from, and wherever you go, you will find the use of HR management, leadership and other analytical and personality skills, team management and all these are offered by one course of MBA. As the startup and corporate culture is flourishing in Nepal, the MBA is going to help candidates in many career opportunities in all sectors.

This is such a degree that not only the students of BBA but the students of another field too choose this postgraduate degree, be it science or commerce. A bachelor’s degree was enough a decade ago, but now the MBA has become an essential criterion for higher posts in incorporates and private organizations. Any degree, when added with an MBA, can help one in proper administrative or managerial positions in all sectors. On doing an MBA course from Nepal, one can get a degree which is acclaimed and recognized internationally. The learning is practical-oriented. And if you plan to continue a career in Nepal, MBA is the best option because the knowledge is contextual.

You can experience challenges, opportunities, and growth of international scale in the comfort of your home by doing this degree in Nepal. And MBA in Nepal is quite affordable. In Nepal, every management school have their own criteria. It requires 12 years of schooling + 3 years of graduation. Some universities have their cut-offs while others hold different types of admission tests.

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